Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Successful experiments...

Getting it right is not always easy but it's my rule of thumb when it comes to my jewelry. My last blog post was about my latest experiment with a new spinning band "Twiddle Ring" that I call the "Jeweled Twiddle." The idea stemmed from a request to have faceted stones on a Twiddle Ring. Well, faceted stones just aren't practical for spinning band rings because the stones could be subjected to some pretty harsh treatment. And generally faceted stones are more expensive and can be more fragile. But I got to thinking....what if I mount a stone on the top of the ring and the spinners sit opposite?

As luck would have it, I was approached by a client that loved my "Twiddle Rings" and she wanted to use a 3mm blue sapphire that was very special to her. I discussed the design with her and worked up a quote. Then I "experimented" with the idea and showed her the first "Jeweled Twiddle." She loved it and I got started. I melted her gold for the 14k spinning band and the balls. I purchased a 14K tube set bezel for her blue sapphire and mounted it on the ring after she came in for the fitting. After finishing the ring I set the stone and gave the ring a final polish. Then I snapped a picture and TAAAA DAAAAAAAAA! Here it is...

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