Thursday, June 11, 2009

Enjoying FREE Press!

My web designer, Lindsey Mitchell, has been featured in an article about!

This is a great opportunity for me because when you view Lindsey's business card on the web designers page my site is listed as one of her design examples.

Here is a little background info about all of this...

I created my web site about 2 months ago.
I decided to use an web based site builder tool called With Wix you can build a web site for free, then when you are ready to go live you pay very reasonable fees to have your new site pointed to your domain name. You can do all of this yourself if you know what you are doing. And I understand most of it. But I decided to have a web designer build the site for me and I chose a Wix Web Designer named "Lindsey Mitchell." I began by sending her a list of web sites that I liked and explained what I liked about each site and how I might see the idea/design working for me. From there Lindsey was able to create a mock up for me and we worked together to finalize the outcome. Now I can add, edit and maintain the web site on my own. And I don't have to pay a web designer every time I want to change or add text and images to my web site.

Lindsey Mitchell is a Freelance Graphic Designer so she can design any marketing, advertising, and promotional materials that you might need and I highly recommend her. She is very professional and efficient, and her fees are extremely reasonable.

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