Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kicking and screaming...

Welcome to the first blog of: K. Berlin Metalsmith
Normally I go with the flow and flow right into the next wave of the future. But I've put off blogging for a long time and now I'm trying to embrace it.

I'm still waiting for my official business
license to arrive. It's been several weeks now. And everyday I'm berated with phone calls from the vultures that now have my name and number and somehow think that they have great services to offer me as a new business owner. The truth is I'm an ARTIST and all I want to do is my work/play.

Why K. Berlin? If you know me then you know that my name is Kimberly Lynn. But I'm so tired of Kim and I could go by Berlin if my name was Kimberlin Leigh. However, after researching a legal name change I decided to stay away from that paperwork nightmare. So, I just use Berlin as my nickname and K. Berlin as my artist name.

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